Work With Me

Postpartum doula care in Toronto or virtually!

If you’ve landed on this page it means you might be interested in working together. Awesome! Let’s talk about what that looks like.

Here’s my commitment: that you, and your family, have an amazing postpartum experience.

Does that sound a little too fluffy and optimistic? Yeah, it probably does. Before you run away, give me a moment to explain what I mean by “an amazing postpartum experience”.

To me, an amazing postpartum experience is one where the birthing person is honoured, celebrated, rested, and well fed. Their partner and family are also supported and empowered in their roles.

...But what about stuff like sore nipples, constipation, getting pooped and peed on, a body that feels sore and unrecognizable, intense hormonal fluctuations, and having to get up several times a night to feed the baby? Of course these things are not uncommon; some are in fact very normal and to be expected. The postpartum period is challenging, in every way.

Here’s the thing, though: I believe that it’s absolutely possible to experience all the ups and downs of the postpartum period - all of it - and at the same time feel honoured, celebrated, rested, and well fed.

It takes good support. It takes a village, as they say.

It would be an honour to be part of your village.

I offer several in-person services as well as virtual support. When you’re ready, contact me and we’ll set up your free consult - I always like to chat with folks before they book services, to make sure we’re a great fit. I want to know what an amazing postpartum experience would look like for YOU.

In-Person Support

If you live in Toronto, I offer four in-person services: Postpartum Doula Care, Postpartum Meal Prep, Bengkung Belly Binding, and Placenta Encapsulation.

How It Works:
Choose your own adventure! Click on each service below for more information and rates. Build your own package by combining two or more services for 10% off.

I usually work in the City of Toronto only; however, if you live in the GTA, don’t be shy to inquire.


Virtual Support

This is perfect for you if you want all the benefits of postpartum support, but you don’t need in-person help (or maybe you live outside of Toronto). You get me - a postpartum doula and nutritionist - at your service for 3 months. You can be anywhere in the world and have my attention and support, so long as you have an internet connection.

What’s included?

  • 90 minute session (phone or web). We’ll talk about all things postpartum - including things like physical recovery, what postpartum supplies you might need, your mental and emotional wellbeing, preparing your family and home for this transition, building your support team, postpartum nutrition, how to prepare for breast/chestfeeding (if that’s your intent) and so much more. Ask me all your questions; pick my brain about anything related to postpartum wellness. The birthing person and a partner or support person are both welcome at this session.

  • Your postpartum plan. I’ll send you a detailed outline of everything we spoke about during our session, so you have something concrete to refer back to. The goal is to really make this as specific to your life and your needs as possible.

  • Unlimited email support for 3 months following our session. This is a golden nugget right here! Continue to email me - anytime - for further support, encouragement, and resources. The fourth trimester is a whirlwind, and having reliable support you can count on is everything. Need some unbiased information? Tips and tricks? A place to vent? Meal or snack ideas? Have nutrition questions? I’ve got your back!

What does it cost?
This is in Canadian dollars and includes all taxes.
Additional phone/web sessions may be purchased, as well as additional months of email support.