Postpartum Meal Prep

Meal prep services in Toronto, with postpartum doula and nutritionist Alex James

The postpartum period is a busy, hectic, life-changing time. How we fuel ourselves during this period is important. What you eat during the postpartum healing period can influence things like recovery time, energy level, lactation, and overall sense of well-being -  

But you know this already. Eating good food is important (duh!). Yet it’s often the first thing that gets put on the back burner when you’re simply trying to meet all the demands of your newborn.

Let’s be real: feeding your baby and feeding yourself are damn hard to do at the same time.

The baby’s needs are, without a doubt, all-consuming.

I offer postpartum meal prep so that you can stay well nourished during this intense period of life.

This service is for you if:

Healthy, clean eating is important to you, but you’re not sure how you’re going to keep it up after your baby is born,


You’ve already had a baby and are finding it impossible to cook at all, let alone something nourishing and healthy. You’re tired of ordering takeout!

Home cooked meals for your postpartum period with Toronto based nutritionist Alex James

If that sounds awesome to you, contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling! I’ll send you a PDF with everything you need to know, including a list of the postpartum dishes I love to cook for people. We'll discuss everything, including allergies and preferences, and choose the perfect dishes for you!

“Received 3 ethnically diverse, wonderfully delicious and fantastically nutritious meals prepared by Alex James for my postpartum recovery! It was easy to heat up and prepare a super fast meal made with top of the line ingredients. It gave me peace of mind to know they were designed specifically to help me heal. Many thanks Alex!”
— Leanne F


What kind of food do you cook, Alex?
In a nutshell: straight up home cooked goodness.

If you’ve read about me or are following me on social media, you may already know that I specialize in nutrient dense, grain-free, Paleo-friendly comfort foods. I use ethically raised, hormone and antibiotic-free animal proteins; lots of good healthy fat; and of course, vegetables. All dishes are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free...and super delicious! You’ll find lots of Indian and Asian inspired dishes on my go-to list, as well as other classic comfort meals from around the globe, like Shepherd’s pie, beef Stroganoff, or beef Bolognese. Nothing gourmet, nothing overly fancy, just simple, tasty, feel-good meals.  

What if I’m vegetarian or vegan?
While plant-based diets are not my specialty, let’s talk and see how I can support you. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, we can either move forward together or I can refer you to some other options that may be better suited for you. I want us to be a great fit!

What if I have other sensitivities or restrictions?
No problem! We’ll discuss your needs, including allergies and preferences, and together we’ll choose the perfect meals for me to make for your family. All food is cooked in your home and whenever possible I use only your equipment and utensils.

I don’t have a deep freezer, just a regular sized one. Will there be enough space?
To start, I recommend doing a freezer clean-out, removing anything that just doesn’t need to be there anymore. Also, I often cook 3 dishes per cooking session - so if you order 6 dishes, I could cook 3 during one session and come back at a later date to cook the rest. Additionally, not everything has to go in the freezer - you may choose to have me cook for you after the baby arrives and you want to eat it right away!

Do you cook single meals?
Nope. When it comes to preparing for your postpartum period, it’s all about batch booking, baby! Every dish I cook makes several servings (usually 4).

“Working with Alex was so easy! I told her what I liked, and what I could/couldn’t eat (which at the time, was pretty strict). She came up with a bunch of great ideas for meals, and we agreed on what she’d make. All of the food was DELICIOUS. This was a period in my life when I was pretty overwhelmed, and did not have a lot of time on my hands to be cooking healthy, tasty meals. Working with Alex to have a freezer full of meals that I could use when I most needed them made all the difference in the world. I couldn’t recommend her services more!!!”
— Elyse M


Pricing is based on how many dishes you order (remember, each dish makes 3-4 servings or more). The price list below is inclusive of all groceries. I do not currently charge HST.

Postpartum meals cooked just for you and your family in your fourth trimester.’s an idea I love: ask for this as a baby shower gift.

Because when it comes down to it, you may not need that fancy changing table...and you certainly don’t need another onesie.

What you do need is to be well fed.

Rest assured, I’ve got your back on this!

If you’re ready to take the next step, email me and we’ll get to planning your postpartum meals.

The postpartum period is far from easy, but with the right support in place, I believe you can totally rock it. In fact, I don’t just believe it - I know it.

Postpartum meal prep is all about making sure your cup is full - overflowing - so you can be the absolute best you can be during this wild ride of parenting a newborn.

I’m here to keep you nourished.

I’m here to fill your cup!